UKAS Approved testing laboratory

LFT is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory for site water testing. We undertake Hose and Spray bar tests to CWCT, NHBC and AAMA standards and provide UKAS accredited certification. Ulpa di berit re sectas et omnis mo cus es plit officitas mint es sitia conserum fugit voluptat venis sam dolupitia idisquam ut‭ ‬parum qui tem et ea voles doluptio temporum eaqui qui dolore cus aut modiorporum re simod ullatem porumque debitium eossect atecab in poreriam illam reped ut quidignia et velique laute volorum fuga‭. ‬Itaeptus exceatio‭. ‬Tate in nihil exerum facepel et es eosti tem lit que lacerat ectemquas doloria nus pre cum facea vendus aut officatem iunt‭.‬

Hose Test
Hose Testing to closed jointed systems. With over 100m of industrial hose, IPAF, IRATA and PASMA trained staff, LFT can accommodate all areas for water testing. Using fully calibrated equipment to ensure accurate results.

Spray Bar Test
For opening vents, doors and windows. With 2m and 4m long spray bars, LFT can test from large to small areas.